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Release, Relax, Unwind

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Our focus is to elevate our community through the practice of yoga. For some, this may mean attaining a physical goal such as strengthening or increasing flexibility, working through an injury, or relieving tension or pain in the body. For others, it’s to decrease stress, to develop a spiritual practice, to be more present in everyday life, or to bring about a deeper awareness of self. Whatever your reason and wherever you may be on your yoga journey, all are welcome! 

Our classes seek to serve EVERY BODY! Our intention is to make this a warmhearted space where you can learn and grow through this ancient wisdom and healing art. Our offerings aim to create balance in the body and the mind with the ultimate goal of creating a more balanced life beyond the mat. Whether through the physical practice of postures (asanas), breathwork (pranayama), meditation or study of the traditional teachings of yoga, we hope you will find it transformational. 



"Elevate. Each day, live to elevate yourself, each day elevate one person. Make elevation your religion and you shall reach infinity."

- Yogi Bhajan 


We offer a wide variety of classes each with their own focus and expertise to support our students at different levels of practice and their changing needs.


Our workshops and specialty classes are designed to provide a unique environment to learn and experience something new outside of our regular class schedule.


Private yoga classes offer a personal touch to your practice experience. You receive individual guidance, direction and support for your practice. Schedule a free consult today!


Nourish the body, mind and soul by taking time for yourself. Retreats allow you to relax and recharge whether virtually in the comfort of your home, outdoors surrounded by the beauty of nature or in a sacred space. Reconnect & restore!