Vinyasa Practice (60-75 Min)

Vinyasa is a type of yoga that links movement with breath and works toward attaining a state of balance in the body and the mind. Vinyasa is a Sanskrit word that is formed by linking 2 words, “Nyasa” and “Vi”. Nyasa means “to place” and Vi means “in a special or sacred way”. Each class will be a unique flow that is challenging yet healing and moves practitioners in a purposeful, safe and sacred way. This class is intended for all levels and includes breath work, mindfulness and asanas (postures). 

 Ashtanga Half Primary Series Practice (60-75 Min)

This class is based on the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga. The Primary Series in Sanskrit is called Yoga Chikitsa meaning yoga therapy because of the purifying and healing effect it has on the body and the mind. This practice is challenging and strengthening. It is a traditional series of postures done in the same order every time. Movement matches the breath and the teacher calls out the breath count for each pose. The primary series consists of sun salutations, a series of standing postures followed by seated postures and the finishing sequence which includes backbends, inversions and ends with savasana (rest). All students are welcome to attend, some yoga experience is helpful. Modifications are always offered.

Slow Flow (60 - 75 Min, All Levels)

An all levels class geared toward the beginner or the student looking to renew their practice as well as those that prefer more explanation and a slower pace. This class will explore the fundamentals of yoga with an emphasis on breathing, mindfulness, matching movement with breath, and alignment. Students will learn and practice sun salutations and key postures of yoga and will be encouraged to listen to their own bodies and do what works for them individually in each pose including modifications and the use of props. ALL ARE WELCOME! 

Finding the Yin to your Yang…As Bernie Clark (Yin Yoga expert and author), says “Yin is the other half of your yoga practice”. A Yang vinyasa class works to strengthen and lengthen the muscles. Yin works the other half-the connective tissue including ligaments, joints, fascia and bone. This class is taught in the traditional style of Yin following the 3 principles which are to find sensation in the pose, to be still, and to hold the pose for time usually 1-5 minutes. Yin allows the practitioner to slow down and be present in the body and to quiet the mind. From this stillness, one can go inward and deep awareness is possible. This class is beneficial for all levels from a new beginner to an athlete looking to complement active workouts as well as those looking to heal from injury or deepen their mediation practice. This slow paced class will help decrease stress and allow you to release, relax and unwind. 

Yin Yoga (60-75 Min, All Levels)

Stretch & Strengthen (60 Min)

This class is similar to Elevate's Yoga for Runners Series. It is a slower practice for those brand new to yoga as well as runners, walkers, tennis players, golfers, or athletes of any kind. We will focus on holding posesto create length and flexibility in the body. It is perfect for anyone that is looking to stretch and strengthen the body as well as reduce stress and calm the mind. 

This class is for EVERY BODY!