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Women's Wisdom Circle with Sally Young & Jess Pucci

We are on a mission to gather in circle, hold safe and sacred space for one another, to enable every woman to live in alignment with their inner truth and find freedom, self-respect, and confidence along the way. We hold this circle in ceremony as a way of honoring the Divine Feminine in women and in all aspect life. Each gathering we hold a unique ritual to align ourselves with the energy and use that concentrated energy to manifest the highest intention in our lives. Read More


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Yoga & Live Music w/Jess (Vocals by Emily D & Acoustic Guitar by Pat D)

Join Jess for an evening of gentle (ALL LEVELS) yoga accompanied by live vocals and acoustic guitar with Emily & Pat Dougherty. There is an aspect added to the practice when live music is present, creating an intimate environment with symbolic movements. This unique 75 minute class will showcase vocalist, Emily Dougherty and acoustic guitarist, Pat Dougherty- who will perform live music in sync to the flow of the practice. Experience the magic of live music while you practice yoga! There is limited space for this event, pre-registration is required.


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Intro to Essential Oil with Nicki Corridori

Learn the basics of dōTERRA essential oils: what they are, where they come from, and how to use them for all of life’s daily issues.
We will explore how doTERRA essential oils support the body in natural daily processes of detoxification. The goal is to stop chasing symptoms and find root causes. Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. In addition to giving plants their distinctive smells, essential oils provide plants with protection against predators and disease and play a role in plant pollination.Please join Nicki Corridori to discover ways to reinvent your healthcare with safe, effective and inexpensive natural solutions. She will be sharing ways to improve not only your physical health but your mental and spiritual well-being also.


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A Women's Day Retreat with Nicki Corridori 

Every celebration holds energy. May is the month of the Mother and the welcoming of the summer. This season’s retreat is an invitation to deep ancestral connection. Honoring the energy vortex of the season’s celebration helps us moves through time consciously. This is the work of understanding yourself better, of befriending yourself and of loving yourself. 

The relationship we have with our mother creates the basis for all other relationships in our lives. Our mother’s womb is where we receive nourishment first. It is where our bodies and beliefs were created. It is also where our cells divided to the rhythm of her heart-beat. We are nourished by our mother’s blood and bathed in the neurochemicals of her emotions. We heard what she heard, we felt what she felt, even before we were consciously hearing and feeling.

This workshop is for every woman who is ready to nourish this bond and clear blockages in our feminine ancestry to invite clarity and vital energy. 

Come take care of yourself with a collection of tools that were carefully selected and woven together to create five hours of self-care bliss. Life is stressful and busy and most days it feels like there isn’t time for you. While on retreat you will get tangible take-home tools and experiences based in connection & education you can make your own. Read More

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Reiki Yoga with Sally Young & Jess Pucci

Whether we realize it or not, we are constantly absorbing the energies of the places around us, but also of the people we interact with. And because some of these energies are full of negativity and fear, they can keep us from feeling at peace with ourselves and the world around us, but also from finding contentment. Read More


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Balancing The Chakras | Restorative Yoga, Oils, & Meditation w/Jess & Nicole

Join Nicole & Jess for a two hour delicious restorative yoga and aromatherapy workshop, inspired by the Chakras (energy centers). This workshop will be a journey through the chakras (energy centers in the physical/emotional/ energetic body), using aromatherapy & restorative yoga to deepen and enhance the exploration. Both essential oils and yoga have been used for thousands of years to bring balance and healing to us mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Come experience therapeutic applications of essential oils while rejuvenating your body and mind through restorative postures corresponding with each chakra.


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Reiki Level 2 Cert with Sally Young

RISE is created to raise your vibration and intuition as you prepare to recieve the sacred symbols and uplevel your spiritual and healing practice. Level Two attunment starts your path as a Reiki Practitioner, offering healing energy work to clients in person or from distance. Understanding how to work with energy intentionally to serve yourself, others and the world can be a transformational experince! This RISE Reiki Level 2 certification includes:
-Altar crystal
-Attunement oils
-Sacred Symbols
-Hands on Healing Training
-Attunement of Level 2 Certification Certificate
-Membership to the private BeSoul Reiki Tribe community

Cost is $355 and must be paid in full with registration.


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Yoga 101 with

Diana Hoscheit

Whether you are new to yoga or have an evolving practice, this workshop is designed to answer all your questions. In an interactive, small group setting, you will learn fundamental principles of alignment and movement of your body and play with applying them to some of the most commonly practiced poses. You will learn how to monitor your breathing and read your body to keep yourself in the  ‘safe zone’ of your practice as well as how to use props to maximize the benefits. 
You’ll leave with a better understanding of the practice and the confidence to attend any ‘all-levels’ yoga classes.
Cost $ 30


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Candlelight Yin w/Michele

No yoga experience necessary.
This class is slow paced, peaceful and lit entirely by candlelight. In Yin, poses are held longer to promote deep release and healing. Props are used and modifications are given for each pose so that every BODY can find their edge in the posture and then find a sense of calm in the hold. Come to release, relax & unwind. Treat yourself!!!



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Kundalini Workshop with Nicki Corridori

Kundalini Yoga is often referred to as the "the yoga of awareness." The practice of Kundalini meticulously combines pranayama (breath work), mudra (hand gestures), drishti (eye-focus), mantra (sound), bandhas (body locks), and postures. This combination creates balance in the glandular system, strengthens the nervous system, expands lung capacity, and purifies the blood. Each part of the practice is carefully selected to optimize the body's ability to flow. We will practice a powerful kriya to initiate a deep spiritual connection both physically and mentally. doTERRA essential oils will be introduced as a compliment to your practice at designated times to enhance and enrich your experience.


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Reiki Level 1 Cert with Sally Young

Renew your spiritual practice by learning the sacred principles of Reiki healing and applying them to your life. I am eager to share with you my passion of energy work, vibrational self-healing and living a soul-based lifestyle using the principles of Reiki. This has changed my life and I want to share this wisdom with EVERYONE! Yes, everyone! I believe that Reiki Level One is for ALL HUMAN BEINGS looking to live a life in higher vibration.
No matter who you are or what you do for a living, Reiki principles can be brought to all you do and touch DAILY. All Reiki classes are kept small to keep individual attention at a maximum. Students are encouraged to explore their individual strengths, and each individual's path and needs will be honored and respected. SPACE IS LIMITED AND SACRED!
Class includes both in-class theory (with manual) and hands-on practice.


Cost: $245
Includes: Reiki Level One Certificate, Manual, Sacred Alter Crystal, Access to the Private FB Reiki Tribe (available for BeSoul Reiki grads only)



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Limiting Beliefs Workshop with Marissa

In the Limiting Beliefs Workshop, you will learn how to identify which limiting beliefs are holding you back from living out your fullest potential and be guided through an exercise to help you overcome your limiting belief as well as identify a new personalized and empowered mantra. 

The workshop will begin with a short talk led by Personal Growth & Mindfulness Coach, Marissa Nash on what limiting beliefs are and how they hold us back. You'll then be guided through a short mindfulness and gratitude visualization to help shift your perspective before beginning the limiting beliefs exercise. You'll also learn the difference between a growth mindset versus a fixed mindset and how to shift your own mindset to one that serves you instead of hinders you. 

Lastly, Marissa will teach you how to embody your new mantra by developing your own mindfulness and self care routine that will leave you feeling empowered, equipped, and inspired.

In this workshop you will learn how to:
- Overcome limiting beliefs exercise
- Shift your mindset from negative to positive
- Live in a growth mindset versus a fixed mindset
- Use mantras and affirmations to make positive change
- Create your own mindfulness and self care routine

Cost: $35


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